One of the biggest barriers that stands in the way of talented designers is breaking through, as it is often a difficult, expensive, and risky undertaking. DESIGN COLLECTIVE eases designers through this process by providing them with shelf space in a well-located store, marketing capabilities, and most importantly, exposure.

Unlike other stores that may just carry the wares of local designers, DESIGN COLLECTIVE is designer-centric. This means that the focus of the business is on the designers and their new labels. Each designer will be given his or her own in-store shelf space with a bio including information about the designer, their label, and his or her statement. This information will also be included on the store's website.

DESIGN COLLECTIVE is always taking in new local designers, keeping the store's offerings fresh and exciting. If this opportunity appeals to you and you would like to find out more, please contact us to make an appointment. Please e-mail:
To maintain its consistent image of high fashion and high quality, DESIGN COLLECTIVE will be selective in choosing its featured designers and their collections. We will look for creativity, innovation, quality, and style. There is only room for designers who are serious about their work and are willing to work hard.